Meet SEMINE, your new accounting robot

SEMINE is a revolutionary AI platform for accounting and analysis

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Artificial intelligence enters the field of accounting

The accounting robot SEMINE reduces costs drastically, increases competitiveness and frees up time and resources through the use of robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Always correct figures

  • SEMINE prevents errors in the accounting figures
  • SEMINE reads at line item level
  • Learning makes SEMINE smarter
  • Provides accounting 24/7 in real time
  • Provides high accuracy and precision

Radically reduced costs

  • SEMINE robotises work processes
  • Improves accounting department efficiency
  • Ensures better utilisation of resources
  • Provides better cost control
  • Frees up time and resources

Increases competitive power

  • SEMINE becomes the CFOs business advisor
  • Provides better insight into the numbers
  • Provides predictive analysis
  • Creates a better basis decision-making
  • Identifies new ways of working

A more strategic finance function

By using robotics in combination with artificial intelligence, we increase people's work capacity, remove repetitive tasks and provide the opportunity to realize large cost reductions and added value. Dynamic dashboards and advanced analysis allow the company to work in a completely new way. The finance department can shift the focus from transaction tasks to activities with more strategic value, so that the company ensures competitive advantage and future growth.

Research on artificial intelligence for the accounting industry

We collaborate with the research team at CAIR / UIA and their 30 AI researchers, where one of our employees with a master's degree in AI takes a doctorate within artificial intelligence, specifically aimed at the accounting profession. The research project aims to further develop methods and algorithms to automate and improve several aspects of the financial sector and the accounting industry.

The research is based on a type of artificial intelligence algorithm that has received a lot of attention in recent years, deep machine learning. The project will further develop variants of deep machine learning, especially with a view to increased insight and deep understanding of accounting data. Central to the project is the development and application of algorithms for classification problems, such as understanding trends in the accounting data and predicting problems and notifying the next best action.


The AI Circle provides an arena for innovation and co-creation with stakeholders in the public and private sector. The invited members of this closed circle get the opportunity to take part in building and leveraging tomorrow’s artificial intelligence. Members of the AI Circle will be invited to events, lectures, workshops and the like, organized by CAIR. The purpose is to encourage new forms of collaboration and innovation, and to open opportunities for joint artificial intelligence projects. The AI Circle is a result of professor Granmo’s long experience with innovation and co-creation with public and private sector. He wants the artificial intelligence research out and realized for the benefit of all, and is also inviting stakeholders in to participate where the breakthroughs occur.

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