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Full automation of accounting

INVOICE RECEPTIONValidation and learning

Always correct extraction of data from
all vouchers and validation of these,
ensures the best basis for getting
started with automation. Standardisation of non-structured information provides the basis for effective machine learning.

PROCESSINGArtificial intelligence

Identification of patterns and context
in vouchers forms the basis for
automatic suggestions for accounting
andcategorisation of costs. Support
for automation of account codes,
periodisation, cost categories and
various dimensions.

INSIGHTGain an overview

Work areas and dashboard in real
time developed by user-friendliness
specialists form the basis for insight
in the underlying processes. Far greater
insight and transparency give a far
greater feeling of control.

SEMINE learns and improves for every invoice it processes

Scanned invoices, PDFs or other digital invoice formats are fed into SEMINE

SEMINE interprets and verifies using local and central storage memory

SEMINE posts and accrues per line item

SEMINE automatically triggers the approval flow

Invoice is sent for flow for approval and then automatically sent to the ERP-system

Artificial intelligence changes the finance function

Artificial intelligence is as created for accounting and finance, and will change the finance function as we know it.

SEMINE uses machine learning, and deep learning, to understand the contents of the invoice. Based on learning and pattern recognition, SEMINE can make advanced analyzes of the contents of the invoice and correctly suggest accounting accounts, periods etc.

Invoice analysis at line item level

SEMINE analyzes all item lines on the invoice and automatically suggests correct accounting office and proper accrual of the amount on the invoice - per line item.

Automatic allocation of invoices

SEMINE can automatically assign the invoice to the right person in the company for first approval before proceeding to the invoice flow. This saves you both time and resources.

Invoice Flow

Completed and accrued invoices are sent out for flow for approval, based on the company's own setup with predefined levels.

Easy to work with

Comment on and collaborate on invoices in the world's most secure data center.

SEMINE gives you deeper insight

  • Invoice Summary
  • Cost Analysis
  • Supplier and account development
  • Overview of project and department
  • Status of invoices in approval flow

ERP - Integration

SEMINE is easily integrated with your existing ERP system