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Semine Connector for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central – Setup Guide

The product is in AppSource for download, but is also supported for older versions of BC onPrem and Dynamics NAV 2016 and newer. Contact Semine for more info about on Premise Installations.
Download and install the product from AppSource, or get the App file or FOB file from Semine.

To configure setup search for Semine


Quick introduction How to Connect to the Semine application

Fill out the API fields


URL is automatically suggested to connect to Live.
When all API fields are filled in press “Init”.

You should now be able to choose the Semine environment you would like to connect to from dropdownlists in the fields Semine Organization ID and Semine client id.

Setup the other fields as preferred based on how the integration will be used.
To test synchronization quickly before proceeding choose “Synchronization” and “Transaction Types”:

If this is executed without error message you can choose
“All” to Synchronize all data tables from the list from BC to Semine.
But you will also need to setup which dimensions that should be synced to Semine.
Search after Dimensions and you will get this screen:

Mark the Dimensions you want to sync with Semine by setting a check mark in the Export to Semine field.

Fields and Functionality in the Semine Setup

URL API: https// for live or use test url for test server

API User, API Password, Client ID and Client Secret: login info you should have received from Semine.

Semine Organization ID: info returned from The Semine Application based on setup there.

Semine client Id: info returned from The Semine Application, choose the corresponding client in Semine to integrate with.

Use Purchase Invoice: when importing invoices from Semine BC will insert data into Purchase Invoice (If not setup import will create the data in Purchase journal)

Document No. Prefix: BC uses Semine document no plus prefix as temporary document number until posted.

Use PO Match: If turned on the integration sends PO Header and lines and Purchase receipt lines from BC to Semine to allow for matching Between receipt lines and invoice in Semine.

Auto post: Will post Purchase Invoice and Credit Memo in the background if turned on. Documents are left in open status if any error messages in BC occurs in the posting process.

Now you have setup everything to be able to pull invoices from Semine. But before you can be able to create the invoices correct and post them in BC. You will need to check the following:

Make sure that the Invoice Nos. Number series is setup to allow Manual Nos.

(This is an initial sync. The system will, from this and on, automatically sync these registers from BC to Semine any time a record in the tables is inserted or changed).

Semine uses the Norwegian standard field Vat Codes (0,1,13…) to allow to override standard VAT settings on GL accounts in NAV and BC. The Values are synced from BC to Semine to ensure that only valid Codes are used.

To avoid error messages when using Vat Codes on Semine document to override standard BC setup you can add (in Vat posting setup) one line with Vat Bus. Posting group blank for each Vat Prod. Posting Group used on GL accounts:

If you setup these empty VAT Posting Setup records, you are sure to avoid any errors when creating invoices. These entries will only be used temporary and the correct combination from Semine or Vendor/G/L account will be used on the finished purchase invoice.

Now, in BC search for: Semine Invoice, and select Semine Invoice List. You will first get an empty list for invoices from Semine (here you can see an example for invoices already got from Semine):

If you have created a invoice in Semine that is Posted, then you can press the Get Approved invoices action. BC will then get all invoices that is made ready for transfer in Semine and try to create them as purchase invoices. If something is failing when pulling invoices, the status will be pending and you can open the invoice by double click the Invoice ID. Then you will get more invoice details and you can edit some field values, that might is causing the invoice for failing when trying to create it as purchase invoice. When the status is Success you can find the invoice in this list:

Here you can select the invoice and open by click the Invoice No field.